Haruka Furusaka | ふるさかはるか

Introduction to Online Lesson

Fascination of Watercolor Woodblock Print
The fascination of watercolor woodblock print is that the expression is made while feeling natural materials. Creating artwork while carving the wood and feeling the water content of paint and Japanese paper is pleasing like being in a relaxed state without stress. It takes time to create a watercolor woodblock print from thinking about a design plan to copying to a woodblock, carving and printing. Yet, variations are created from basic method by changing the color while using the same woodblock or printing with an increased number of woodblocks and adding layers, and you can discover your individual expression.

A woodblock print created with a lot of care may bring the enjoyment to life. In addition to the fact that necessary number of printed sheets are created at once, the woodblock print is not bulky, so it can be casually given to someone as a gift. Give the artwork to a person close to you, and experience the joy of expressing your individuality. Introducing woodblock print to your life may be a chance to extend your world.

Online Lesson and Online Learning Guide
Kucyusansou online lessons and online learning guide are prepared for woodblock print beginners. You can gradually learn entry-level watercolor woodblock print techniques while creating four pieces of art from Lesson 1, in which postcard making is experienced, to Lesson 4, in which the standard multicolor woodblock print is explained. In Lesson 5, the sharpening method of a chisel is explained in order to use it for a prolonged period of time with care.

The English version is currently under consideration. Any progress will be posted on this page.