Haruka Furusaka | ふるさかはるか

ソマの舟 | Soma’s Boat

  • Series of LoreWoodblock Print
  • 2020


*ソマ = 杣夫・きこり

Ⅰ. Leaving


Is it reckless to imagine *Soma’s forest or the menace of nature from a piece of wood? The people of the mountains may talk about the sea, and the people of the sea may talk about the mountains. A person who can deeply understand the signs of nature may be able to see what is on the “other side” of reality right in front of you. A piece of wood may appear to hint the “other side,” as to be a joint between ourselves and nature.

*Soma: Woodman or lumberjack

When there is a disaster, many people start to move. The majority of people move to the “safe” direction, where there is means to survive. However, the destination that should be “safe” may differ depending on what one is focusing on. Opposite to those who think of the convenience of cities as means to survive, some may move to seek more harsh land like an area of heavy snowfall or a volcano. Those are possibly the people that may decide to depart to seek the ways to protect themselves by cooperating and trying to coexist with menaces in nature, and experience a real feeling of existence.

– The continuation of this essay is printed on “Soma’s Boat” vol.1.