Haruka Furusaka | ふるさかはるか

ことかたの道 | Kotokata no michi

  • Woodblock Print
  • 2007

忍ぶ山またことかたに道もがな ふりぬる跡は人もこそ知れ




水彩木版 土 和紙 木パネル, 1500 x 1300mm, 2007

Kotokata no michi

Shinobuyama  mata kotokatani michimogana  furinuru atoha hitomokososhire

This Tanka poem about love is composed by Kenko Yoshida, a monk who lived in Tanao village in his last years. I started on this work from expanding the image of the phrase “Kotokata no Michi” quoted from the poem. “Kotokata no Michi” means the other path. He meant the poem; “If there were the other path goes to you, I could visit you secretly.” I saw the green summer mountains from the window in the house of the host family every morning. While I look a path in the mountain threading up to the hill, I felt like looking the reason of life that people naturally repeat choosing a choice and leaving the other ones. I designed the turning point of 2 paths on this work, that indicate choosing a path and thinking of the other path.

When I visited Iga area before staying Tanao, the landscape, which is composed with green of the paddy field and red-brown of the ground, seemed like the color combination of Iga Yaki* pottery. While I expected to see the natural feature of Iga area in the color combination, also while I talked to the inhabitants, I found to use the earth/clay itself for the colors. And actually I could collect the colorful clays like pink, dark red, white etc. from the ordinary-looking ground. And some inhabitants who are experts of field gave me some clay of red and gray, and their help had been the power to complete the work. I printed and layered the colors and cracked shapes of the clays themselves, which were made by filtering with water and drying under the sunshine; As if making the stratum of them or pursuing the path formed by clay.

*Iga Yaki is the name of local pottery in Iga area.


Kotokata no michi
Woodblock print, watercolor, clay on paper,1500 x 1300mm, 2007
This work is parmanentally installed at Aoyama Cultural Center, Iga city, Mie, Japan