Haruka Furusaka | ふるさかはるか

Annual events at rice paddy of Hapao

  • Past Workshop
  • 2014

(国際交流基金マニラ日本文化センター主催, ハパオ小学校2014)

Annual events at rice paddy in Hapao

(Hapao Elementary School, Organized by The Japan Foundation, Manila 2014)
This was a woodblock printmaking workshop at an elementary school for the indigenous mountain people of Ifugao of the Philippines. Students drew the annual events at the terrace rice paddy fields, which are the center of their lives, using collected soil paint. In the woodblock print, they wrote the names of the annual events for each season in their ethnic language, and exchanged the prints, so a calendar could be bound. Children who help with farm work and commune with nature knew where to find soil with beautiful color and how to use a chisel well.