Haruka Furusaka | ふるさかはるか

積層の器 ことづての声 | A Vessel in Layers – The Voice of Lore

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  • 2020




− 見聞きした事の幾つかを取り上げてみる。…


2020年4月18日-8月31日 〈The Future is in Nature〉, ルオムの森, 群馬

A Vessel in Layers – The Voice of Lore

When you talk with someone about handicraft, the conversation naturally leads to materials, climate, how objects are made, and how craft is taught. As someone who makes woodblock prints using wood and soil in a manner that mirrors handicraft, I gain a sense of sympathy and insight from its language of thinking while working with one’s hands. From the speaker’s voice, we can infer both the cumulation of ingenuity and a language inherited from others who have come before. I believe that the individual is a tributary that flows into the continuous, collective undercurrent of lore.

Handicrafts are often made of natural materials that are readily found in the surrounding environment. They become tools that connect people to the land. In the case of the Sami people of the Arctic Circle, the fur of the reindeer, which they have herded since ancient times, has become the clothing that the Sami use to protect themselves from the severe winter cold, which can reach as low as -40 degrees Celsius. They use the naturally occurring shapes in their surroundings to create tools that protect them from their environment.

As I heard from the Sami people, when I sought out handicrafts born of severe conditions in my home country, I had only to go to snow country. I hoped to glean something from the people who have experienced the extraordinary snowfall of Tsugaru, lending my ear to their voices and writing down what I heard during workshops and after visiting people involved in handicrafts and mountain work. The excerpts above are just part of the stories I recorded in this way.

Below I share experiences from my research..

The whole of this essay is published in the document book “Lore of the Land“.


Translated by Queen & Co.
Copyright © Haruka Furusaka

These works were shown at the following exhibitions:
“The Future is in Nature”, Luomu no Mori, Gunma, Japan, 18 Apr.-31 Aug. 2020