Haruka Furusaka | ふるさかはるか

ゆきんこ堂 | Yukinko-do

  • Illustration
  • 2019


デザイン 三原美奈子デザイン
木版画 ふるさかはるか
活版印刷 有限会社 山添
貼箱 村上紙器工業所
用紙 株式会社竹尾 特種東海製紙株式会社


This is package for an imaginary local sweets store called “Yukinko-do,” which is named by the package designer Minako Mihara. I produced the illustration and woodblock. I drew while recalling stories about living with snow I heard from people in Tsugaru. It is a luxurious package in which the woodblock print was hand-printed by letterpress machine. It gently wraps a local sweet of the snowy country called dried rice cake. The exhibition was held in various places.

Design: Minako Mihara Design
Woodblock print: Haruka Furusaka
Letterpress: Yamazoe Printing Inc.
Paper box: Murakamishiki Kougyousho
Paper: Takeo Co., Ltd., Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd.