Haruka Furusaka | ふるさかはるか

『The Golden Arrow of Mt. Makilkilang and Other Cordiliera Folktales』

  • IllustrationPublication
  • 2013


NGO コーディリエラ・グリーン・ネットワーク 編・発行(2013年)
B5判 31ページ

A collection of folktales passed on orally by indigenous people in the mountainous region of Luzon in the Philippines is transcribed into English.  Four artists drew four individual illustrations of the village in woodblock print. The book was produced by an environmental NGO for the purpose of letting children know the old wisdom of coexisting with nature in order to protect the irreplaceable forest.


Edited and Published by Cordiliera Green Network Inc. (NGO) (2013)
B5 paper size, 31 pages 
1,000 yen + tax