Haruka Furusaka | ふるさかはるか

『〈あいだ〉に生きる- ある沖縄女性をめぐる経験の歴史学』 | “Living – History of Experience Concerning an Okinawan Woman”

  • Publication
  • 2019


冨永 悠介 著
大阪大学出版会 (2019年)
A5判 328ページ

I produced the book cover illustration. From the author, I heard about half a lifetime of the narrator, Kiku Miyagi, from her birth in Okinawa to going over to Taiwan. From the words she murmured, comparing herself to a small stone – “If I get kicked, I may keep on rolling, but I cannot get back by myself” inspired me with the image of a small stone by the sea after drifting from place to place, and created this illustlation.


Written by Yusuke Tominaga
Osaka University Press (2019)
A5 paper size, 328 pages
5,500 yen + tax